Joomag February 7th, 2019

Update: 4.7.22- Planned Bugfix Session


  • Instruction text improvements was applied on CRM;


  • Fixed: The font of the "Powered by Joomag" was different for Flash and HTML5 viewers;

  • Fixed: Paypal was not listed in payment methods if signing in from the checkout page;

  • Fixed: PDF generating problem in case the publication was created from double spread PDF and had inner page link;

  • Fixed: The QR code generated for the videos and "Play"button had wrong positioning;

  • Fixed: In some rare cases during the registration process there was happening a loop;

  • Fixed: In some cases when user was trying to add Button option to the right side of the email template for Mail Campaigns it was placing incorrectly;

  • Fixed: There were some issues with image sizing of mail templates when viewed from Outlook/Windows mail clients;

  • Fixed: Zero number was not visible in generated PDF in case only that number is placed on the line of a textbox;

  • Fixed: The right arrow and the green bubble next to the last page were not visible in Pages Manager section of the publication in case the publication had 32 pages with the size of 612x792pt;

  • Fixed: Strange line was appearing on the top of emails body on Outlook email client 2010-13 versions;

  • Fixed: An issue with sound playing of placed SWF file across all the pages;