Releases involving Joomag

Joomag March 8th, 2018

Update: 4.7.1- Enterprise Plan Web Page Overhaul + New Account Languages and Support Options

Great news: publishers now have an extra resource available to them via the “Help” button located on the right-hand side of the dashboard. Have any questions about our platform? Find your answers, read up on educational articles, get up to speed on the latest product updates, and contact live chat support all from one page.

Moreover, every Joomag account will now have a language linked to it. Currently, Joomag supports 6 languages which can be changed by the account owner or admin at any time: English, Deutsch, Español, Русский, Français, and Português (Br)c. For added customization, all system emails sent to an account’s users or contacts will be sent in the specified language. And publishers have the ability to change the language of automatic emails at will.

And lastly, large businesses interested in Joomag’s Enterprise plan can now find all the information they need on our newly redesigned web page!

New Features

  • Dashboard “Help” option

  • Account language settings

  • Enterprise page redesign


  • Fixed: users were unable to delete all CRM contacts at once if the total number of contacts exceeded 997.

  • Fixed: it was impossible to edit images in the mail template editor.

  • HTML5 fix: users could not change pages by swiping in the Facebook browser on iOS devices.

  • HTML5 fix: embeds were unresponsive to page changes in the internal Instagram browser on iOS devices.

  • HTML5 fix: backgrounds of HTML popups were transparent.

  • HTML5 fix: an error would appear with the getDuration function of the YouTube player API.

  • HTML5 fix: new labels for sent issues would not disappear from the reader's library when enabling the HTML5 viewer for said issues.

Joomag February 22nd, 2018

Update: 4.7.0- 3 New Major Web Page Redesigns

Get an in-depth look at Joomag’s pricing options and memberships, and see how we’re revolutionizing education with our completely redesigned EDU page.

New Features

  • Pricing page redesign

  • Joomag for Education page redesign


  • Fixed: the last pages of publications were generated incorrectly when adding/removing pages and having odd page numbers.

  • Fixed: page thumbnails were not appearing correctly.

  • Fixed: users were unable to select Africa/Asia/Europe in the “Country” field of subscription popups.

Joomag February 15th, 2018

Update: 4.6.13 - Joomag Platform Tweaks

Sometimes, finding and fixing bugs is easy. Sometimes, finding bugs is easy but fixing them is hard. And sometimes, finding bugs is much harder than fixing them.

But one thing’s always certain: we sure love fixing things! Check out the most recent batch of platform improvements we’ve cooked up for you below.


  • Fixed: guides placed on pages of cloned issues were being multiplied after removing/adding pages.

  • Fixed: the sent date of email invites were always uniform after sharing an issue with the "Only people I choose" option.

  • Fixed: it was impossible to import a list of contacts to the CRM on certain versions of macOS.

  • Fixed: spell check was not working for German.

  • Fixed: thumbnails of magazines shared on LinkedIn were cropped and low-res.

  • HTML5 fix: the Shout Box plugin was not scrollable on mobile browsers.

  • HTML5 fix: Vimeo videos hidden from were not appearing in magazines either.

  • HTML5 fix: images with transparent backgrounds from uploaded PDF files were sometimes generated on HTML5 with white backgrounds instead.

  • HTML5 fix: low quality of images added as video thumbnails.

Joomag January 25th, 2018

Update: 4.6.12 - 10 More Bugs Squashed

Looking for your weekly dose of platform improvements? We’ve got it right here, courtesy of our amazing software team.


  • Fixed: pagination in “Licensed” and “Used” folders were not working properly.

  • Fixed: YouTube video links with specific playback start times were not working properly on Joomag.

  • Fixed: the Selection tool becomes unresponsive when using the Hand tool and when saving or canceling changes and then entering the Crater™ Editor again.

  • Fixed: videos set as Public in Vimeo would not display their proper thumbnails, appearing as unavailable instead.

  • Fixed: dragging uploaded files into the library would not work properly.

  • Fixed: the "Notification option for newly published issues" message was not working for all issues within a magazine folder.

  • Fixed: it was impossible to order hard copies in Internet Explorer.

  • HTML5 fix: auto-play option for videos was unresponsive.

  • HTML5 fix: when adding a Gallery tool to a double-spread magazine and then sharing it, the gallery image was also being shown in the current page thumbnail.

  • HTML5 fix: videos were not visible on Share button thumbnails.

Joomag January 18th, 2018

Update: 4.6.11 - Bugs and Joomag: A Love-Hate Relationship

On the one hand, there’s nothing that irks our software development team more than bugs. But on the other, it’s a great learning experience and opportunity for us to make things right for our dear customers.

So, here’s to more bugs in the near future, right?


  • Fixed: issues with uploading MP4 videos.

  • Fixed: issues with copying and pasting content from one page to another.

  • Fixed: uploaded FLV/F4V/MP4 videos would continue to play after flipping the page.

  • Fixed: when sharing a specific page of a domain-linked magazine on Facebook with the “Share button,” the cover page would show and open instead.

  • Fixed: the “Sound” tool and the SoundCloud player on a page could not be copied and pasted.

  • Fixed: changing the scroll bar position in a “Gallery” tool would affect other “Gallery” tool scroll bars as well.

Joomag December 29th, 2017

Update: 4.6.9 - Joomag's Homepage Gets a Facelift + New Web Pages and Privacy Settings!

We’ve slapped on a shiny new coat of paint and revamped Joomag’s homepage from the ground up! It’s faster, it’s sleeker, and it’s better.

Our design and marketing masterminds have also been hard at work creating brand new web pages for Joomag’s lead generation, periodical management, monetization, and analytics features. Find them on our website and get to know our platform a little better.

And lastly, we’ve made it easier to update your publications’ privacy settings. With a simple button click, users can now apply the same settings to all issues under a magazine set. Enjoy!


  • Improved magazine privacy settings: users can now apply the same privacy settings to all existing issues in a particular set.


  • Fixed: the “Page Manager” tool in the Crater™ Editor was missing for one-paged magazines.

  • Fixed: it was impossible to upload media files to the Joomag Library for people using Safari and macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

  • Fixed: the "Only People With Password" option was not being saved correctly under “Magazine Settings.”

Joomag December 21st, 2017

Update: 4.6.8 - Rolling Out Joomag’s New “Email Marketing” Web Page

If you’re interested in email marketing but don’t know how or where to get started, check out Joomag’s new web page. From it, you’ll learn the ins and outs of email marketing and how our platform can help you get it right.


  • Fixed: incorrect file types would appear when clicking on the "Upload files" button in the Crater™ Editor.

  • Fixed: usernames with umlauts would not appear correctly when logging into Shout Box.

  • Fixed: different languages were incompatible with Shout Box.

  • Fixed: "Page Overview" scrolling has been improved on Mac scroll wheels.

  • Fixed: the selected color of the "Sound Tool" would not save properly.

  • Fixed: users were unable to paste images or undo changes in hidden or locked layers.

  • Fixed: the "Show guides" option would not work correctly when hiding and showing layers in the Crater™ Editor

  • HTML5 fix: magazine thumbnails would not appear on Facebook.

Joomag December 7th, 2017

Update: 4.6.6 - We’ve Killed More Bugs...

Introducing brand new, all-inclusive Crater™ Editor page. Check out Joomag's comprehensive, easy-to-use editing tool in its full glory!

Want to learn more about the multi-channel distribution that Joomag provides? That's what our newly designed Distribution page is for.

For good reason, of course. More bugfixes mean more ways you can enjoy your publishing experience with Joomag! See what our latest patch has in store for you below.


  • Fixed: it was impossible to set font sizes to less than 1pt.

  • Fixed: Flash viewer would crash whenever the dimensions of the browser window were adjusted.

  • Fixed: page layout was not located in the center of the Crater™ Editor's drawboard.

  • Fixed: free subscribers’ accounts would appear in the "Purchased Issues" section of the CRM.

  • HTML5 fix: shortened publication links with customized domains were being shared from the mobile viewer.

Joomag November 30th, 2017

Update: 4.6.5 - Fresh New Case Study and Fixes

You won’t find a more flexible platform on the market than Joomag. Don’t believe us? Then check out our newest case study with Century 21-- the most recognized brand in real estate.

You’ll also find a handful of platform fixes in this update, alongside some useful HTML5 tweaks. Enjoy!


  • Fixed: single spread publications were not centered in small browser tabs.

  • Fixed: images would disappear at different zoom levels.

  • Fixed: crop tool would not allow users to crop images beyond a certain size.

  • Fixed: the drop-down menu of the “Type” section in the “Link” tool would close when clicked on.

  • HTML5 fix: the transparent background feature for embedded publications was unresponsive on HTML5 desktop versions.

  • HTML5 fix: some strings for plugin popups were not translated.

  • HTML5 fix: users would experience endless page loading when playing a YouTube video and turning the page without stopping it.

Joomag November 23rd, 2017

Update: 4.6.4 - New White Papers, Animation Effects, and HTML5 Improvements

It doesn't matter which industry you’re in, Joomag has you covered. Our homepage now includes a “White Papers” section replete with high-powered digital solutions for numerous industries. We’ll continue to update it with even more papers down the line.

Spruce up your photo galleries with Joomag’s brand new animation effects. To do so, navigate to “Element Properties” and apply your effect from the “Animation Effects” drop-down menu.

And any stock media currently used in a publication will now be labeled as “Used” under the “My Library” section in the Crater™ Editor.

We’re also working hard to improve our new HTML5 Desktop Viewer. Although we couldn't have asked for a better launch, we’re still committed to delivering an exceptional viewing experience for you.

New Features


  • Users can now add different animation effects to photo galleries.

  • In the “My Library” section of the Crater™ Editor, all stock media currently used in a publication are designated by a “Used” label.

  • It’s now possible to include stock images in pop-up media.


  • Fixed: pop-up messages showing available purchase options were not appearing in the viewer for paid magazines.

  • Fixed: background sounds would keep playing despite clicking on the video/audio symbols on a page.

Joomag November 9th, 2017

Update: 4.6.2 - HTML5 Quick Fixes

Joomag’s new HTML5 Desktop Viewer isn’t quite perfect yet, but it’s getting there. Here’s the complete list of bugs fixed by the latest patch release.


  • Fixed: first images displayed in Gallery tools were too small.

  • Fixed: published magazines with custom mobile versions and mandatory subscriptions could not be viewed on mobile browsers.

  • Fixed: videos could not be played on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

  • Fixed: it was impossible to order a hard copy from the HTML5 desktop viewer.

  • Fixed: issue with Sentry error: "Cannot read property 'name' of null."

  • Fixed: E-mail Subscribe Form plugins would not add contacts to custom lists in the CRM.

Joomag November 2nd, 2017

Update: 4.6.1 - Minor Bug Fix for Short Videos

The best videos are short and sweet, tightened up by publishers to maximize reader engagement. Our latest platform fix ensures your publications are now fully compatible with any short videos you choose to include in them.


  • Fixed: videos under 5 seconds were unusable. Thumbnails for these videos could not be generated.

Joomag October 26th, 2017

Update: 4.6.0 - Joomag’s HTML5 Desktop Viewer Launches

Lo and behold, our new HTML5 Desktop Viewer is here! After months of preparation, we’re pleased to announce a faster and better viewing experience for our publishers.

This is BIG news. The new viewer, currently in beta, has been designed to deliver an outstanding viewing experience without requiring additional browser plugins.

But you’ll need to turn it on first. To do so, simply log into your Joomag account, click on “Account Settings,” and check the “Enable HTML5 Viewer” box under “Profile Settings.”

Please bear with us as we continue to iron out some kinks and improve the new viewer. Your feedback is always appreciated and will help us in this process.

New Features

  • HTML5 Desktop Viewer (beta) - all Joomag publications can now be viewed in the HTML5 Viewer.

Joomag October 19th, 2017

Update: 4.5.4 - Bug Fixes


  • Fixed: popup HTML design was not correct.

  • Fixed: the text of the Tooltip option was in a wrong place in Russian version.

  • Fixed: popup alert in the Crater editor pop ups multiple times for single warning.

  • Fixed: the text was incorrect on Color Palettes panel.

Joomag October 12th, 2017

Update: 4.5.3 - Improved Email Subscribe Form Plugin

“How can we make things even easier for our publishers?” It’s a common question we ask ourselves here at Joomag. And this time the answer is easy.

Publishers can now assign any contact list they’ve created in the Awesome CRM™ to an Email Subscribe Form plugin. After readers complete the subscription form, they’ll be added to the assigned list automatically, without leaving the Crater™ Editor. Add new contacts to your lists from within your publication and keep them engaged with more personalized content. If that’s not convenient, we don’t know what is!

Check out the video below to see how it all works.

New Features

  • Email Subscribe Form plugin improvements in the Awesome CRM™ - publishers can now assign a list of contacts to each plugin. Readers who complete a subscription form will then have their emails added to that list automatically.


  • Joomag’s fullscreen magazine viewer now uses JavaScript instead of Flash.


  • Fixed: opening a new tab while viewing a magazine in Mozilla Firefox would cause the magazine to revert back to its cover page.

  • Fixed: cropping tools in the Crater™ Editor would become inactive after saving changes on a page without applying the crop result(s).