Releases involving Joomag

Joomag March 21st, 2019

Update: 4.7.25- New improvements and features stage has started!

So first of all we decided to start this stage with some minor visual improvements, starting from our Help Center look:


Next thing is that we've successfully improved UX and navigation on Publication Purchase page:


This and many other UX improvements are in our queue and will be implemented very soon.
Thank you for staying with us and helping us to improve our service!


  • Updated Help Center look;

  • Fundamentally improved Publications Purchase page for better UX and easy navigation;

  • Changed access token keys to lowercase to avoid any confusion between such symbols as I (capital i), l (lowercase L), o, O, 0, i and 1;

  • Updated Admin privileges, so now Admin-users are able to see "API Keys" section with all its content;

  • We've changed the IP address required for Custom Domain linking from to, however, previous IP address will stay functional for some time;


  • Fixed: On HTML5 viewer mode, after hovering the mouse over the sharing buttons, a tooltip was appear with the button name;

  • Fixed: Adjusted Mail Templates section for big resolution monitors with high aspect ratio;

  • Fixed: Adjusted Mail Campaigns section for big resolution monitors with high aspect ratio;

  • Fixed: There was a white line appearing in footer of the homepage on Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers;

  • Fixed: It wasn't possible to switch back from one system template type to another after clicking Save Changes on the first selected;

  • Fixed: In cases when a publication set was linked to the app, on removal the system was showing unexpected error page;

Joomag March 7th, 2019

Update: 4.7.24- Google Plus Discontinue and bugfix


  • Google Plus has been discontinued;


  • Fixed: In some cases it was not possible to deliver free subscription via API;

  • Fixed: On PDF Upload in case if the file had URL inserted as text, the system was generating wrong URL;

  • Fixed: Custom thumbnail added to native video was not visible in PDF version of publication;

  • Fixed: The "+" icon was shown partly in Pages Manager page;

  • Fixed: On Chrome and Opera browsers rectangle symbol was appearing in right-click menu options;

  • Fixed: Some typos in Mail Templates of AwesomeCRM;

  • Fixed: In HTML Editor in Internet Explorer sharing options from the left toolbar were not working;

  • Fixed: Custom thumbnails for the videos was not loading on HTML5 viewer;

Joomag February 21st, 2019

Update: 4.7.23- Major Bugfix and New Features for China

We're happy to announce that Joomag has successfully implemented WeChat and Weibo support for our Chinese users!



  • Updated loading animation for for 'long read' publications;

  • Improved Gallery plugin in terms of performance;

  • The date field of the Advanced Search in Awesome CRM was too narrow so we enlarged it to improve UX;


  • Fixed: Wrong behavior of external/internal links on Mobile browsers in portrait orientation in case the magazine was created from double-spread PDF;

  • Fixed: There were some minor cases when it wasn't possible to remove contact from CRM;

  • Fixed: In some cases PDF files was stuck on converting process;

  • Fixed: In some cases "File not found" message was showing up when downloading a PDF;

  • Fixed: The viewer was becoming unresponsive on Safari if an email hotspot was clicked in Flash viewer;

  • Fixed: Account's storage visually was not changing when removing a folder with files from My Library section of Editor;

  • Fixed: Users weren't possible to upload fonts that had names with non-latin characters;

  • Fixed: Contacts without a subscription were not appearing in Awesome CRM's "No Subscription" section;

  • Fixed: Wasn't possible to embed Joomag iframe to Wix Platform;

  • Fixed: After renaming a media file name from My Library and then trying to rename it once again, in the tooltip the file's initial name was shown;

  • Fixed: In Campaign Statistics the Chart context menu was cut from the bottom;

  • Fixed: There was an issue with appearance of the contact in AwesomeCRM when the same contact had been included in too many lists;

  • Fixed: It was not possible to remove the inserted name of "From Name" field in Awesome CRM;

  • Fixed: After removing a visible list, the number of invisible lists was decreasing unless you refresh the CRM;

  • Fixed: Design elements are being moved with a delay in Crater Editor;

Joomag February 7th, 2019

Update: 4.7.22- Planned Bugfix Session


  • Instruction text improvements was applied on CRM;


  • Fixed: The font of the "Powered by Joomag" was different for Flash and HTML5 viewers;

  • Fixed: Paypal was not listed in payment methods if signing in from the checkout page;

  • Fixed: PDF generating problem in case the publication was created from double spread PDF and had inner page link;

  • Fixed: The QR code generated for the videos and "Play"button had wrong positioning;

  • Fixed: In some rare cases during the registration process there was happening a loop;

  • Fixed: In some cases when user was trying to add Button option to the right side of the email template for Mail Campaigns it was placing incorrectly;

  • Fixed: There were some issues with image sizing of mail templates when viewed from Outlook/Windows mail clients;

  • Fixed: Zero number was not visible in generated PDF in case only that number is placed on the line of a textbox;

  • Fixed: The right arrow and the green bubble next to the last page were not visible in Pages Manager section of the publication in case the publication had 32 pages with the size of 612x792pt;

  • Fixed: Strange line was appearing on the top of emails body on Outlook email client 2010-13 versions;

  • Fixed: An issue with sound playing of placed SWF file across all the pages;

Joomag January 17th, 2019

Update: 4.7.21- Bugfix


  • Fixed: If the third letter of ShoutBox is the Russian "о", then in Flash viewer a different symbol was being shown instead of that letter and on html5 viewer the plugin was not working at all;

  • Fixed: PDF generation process was stuck in case the publication had images with very high resolutions;

  • Fixed: Was not possible to upload multiple media files to My Library by using Mozilla Firefox browser;

  • Fixed: The library was not closing after adding a custom thumbnail for a video;

  • Fixed: The non-latin file names were sometimes disappearing when uploading the file in the media library;

  • Fixed: It was not possible to undo the add/remove shape actions with Ctrl+Z on Edge and Internet Explorer browsers;

  • Fixed: The borders of the textbox sometimes were disappearing after refreshing the page and editing again;

Joomag December 6th, 2018

Update: 4.7.20- Bugfix Session Continued


  • Added functionality to re-enable subscriptions auto-renew option from account settings subscriptions panel;

  • We've made a huge update on our White Papers section:

  • Refined texts and instructions in "Create Publication" section;


  • Fixed: Refined some texts related to Paid Subscription pop-ups;

  • Fixed: The HTML pop-ups with YouTube/Vimeo URL's was not working properly;

  • Fixed: Unlimited loading was appearing in case when users were trying to select the specific HelveticaNeue font from the Editor;

  • Fixed: The pages manager button was redirecting to the dashboard if the number of the issues in the magazine was more than 10;

  • Fixed: The sounds was staying on after stopping the video in Internet Explorer and Edge browsers;

Joomag December 6th, 2018

Update: 4.7.19- New Major Bugfix Christmas Session has Started


  • In some cases Publications / Issues with very long pages was loading slowly. We've improved the system in terms of performance to enhance our Users Experience;


  • Fixed: The position of the last image in the Gallery could be moved only once;

  • Fixed: It was not possible to close the colored SVG files that failed to upload to "My Library";

  • Fixed: Untranslated text on paid subscription pop-up in Italian version;

  • Fixed: There was an issue with Statistics page PDF print on Safari. The image was scaling improperly and the map of Statistics could be cut;

  • Fixed: Joomag favicon could be missing on Internet Explorer and Edge browsers;

  • Fixed: Blank space could appear beneath the footer in Opera browser in case of opening any Joomag page from the footer;

Joomag November 22nd, 2018

Update: 4.7.18- Now With More Powerful Mailing Management

Now our users can export bounced contacts list directly from CRM:


New Features

  • We've added an ability to export Bounced Emails in AwesomeCRM;


  • We've prepared UX-related changes for each of our Solutions page. You can check it out on our homepage;

  • Adjusted video embedding options for Chinese version of the website in accordance with Chinese policies;


  • Fixed: In case when user was moving the pages from page management while editing it the changes were applied to a wrong page;

  • Fixed: In some cases when top browser language was Portuguese, website language was being defined as English;

  • Fixed: Cropped buttons inside the embedded Soundcloud plugin;

Joomag November 8th, 2018

Update: 4.7.17- White Papers Page Update and Overall Bugfix


  • We've updated our White Papers section in terms of UX and added new materials that are accessible here:


  • Fixed: Link to the embedded Vimeo video in magazine, didn't work properly in some PDFs;

  • Fixed: (A-Z) filtration wasn't working properly in Media Library;

  • Fixed: There were an issue with upload limits in Media Library;

Joomag October 25th, 2018

Update: 4.7.16- Now With Mobile-ready Templates Just In Flash!

No more delays! Now you're able to see your Publication on your Mobile devices right after creating it by using our Templates.



  • Added account activation process during the registration;

  • Improved PDF Export email notification - now the links for PDF download in your mailbox will not have expiration date; Also created two separate email templates - one for sample PDF exported notification and one for full version PDF exported;

  • The mechanism of Issue creation via Joomag Templates has been enhanced, so now you can create an Issue and don't worry about availability of it on Mobile. The system will automatically prepare mobile-ready version for you right after your Issue creation!


  • Fixed: Highlighting issue in viewer on links which were placed on round shape;

  • Fixed: Colors of the left toolbar buttons in the viewer were being reset in cases when the browser window was too small;

Joomag October 11th, 2018

Update: 4.7.15- Viewer Mode has been Opened For Everyone


  • Updated favicon icon for our users who uses custom domain linking;

  • Granted the access to "Viewer Mode" option in Issues Settings to all our users regardless their plan;


  • Fixed: There was no country code option in the phone number field in the sign up process on Edge and Internet Explorer browsers;

  • Fixed: There were some cases when using of Shadow, Outer Glow or Opacity Effect on textbox could become a problem for PDF generation;

Joomag September 27th, 2018

Update: 4.7.14- New Help Center Has Arrived

We're happy to announce that our Help Center has been relocated to Elevio and now is accessible via


  • Adjusted and made consistent text quality between mobile and desktop versions;

  • We've successfully migrated to Elevio Help Center which is now accessible via


  • HTML5 Viewer Fix: The bottom of some magazines was not accessible in the Facebook viewer on iOS;

  • Fixed: Some lines of Element properties of some plugins was shown empty in Chinese version of the Editor;

  • Fixed: In some cases the background of transparent images was becoming black after cropping them in Image Editor;

  • Fixed: An incorrect message was appearing after closing browser box from My Library section in Safari;

  • Fixed: Ctrl+S hotkey didn't work in the Crater Editor on Internet Explorer and Edge browsers;

  • Fixed: Wrong notifications for Feedback Plugin;

  • Fixed: Wrong coordinates for some objects was appearing after resizing;

Joomag August 30th, 2018

Update: 4.7.13- Bugfix Session


  • We've prepared well-balanced and user-friendly new responsive version for website menu;


  • Fixed: The long image names and descriptions for the Gallery tool images were being cut in the Flash viewer;

  • Fixed: In some cases "Autoplay" was not working for Vimeo embedded videos in HTML5 desktop viewer;

Joomag August 16th, 2018

Update: 4.7.12- Authorization Flows Improvement And Bugfix


  • We've removed restriction note from Mobile Registration and adjusted functionality so now, our users can easily access Dashboard and create publications just after registration via Mobile;

  • Added phone validation during the registration process;


  • Fixed: In some cases "Export Now" button in mail template that informs about the generated PDF was not working on Chinese version;

Joomag July 26th, 2018

Update: 4.7.11- Bugfix and Some Integration Changes


  • Discontinued integration with GettyImages and iStock;

  • Discontinued posting to Facebook timeline functionality as Facebook API doesn't support it anymore;


  • Fixed: It wasn't possible to move multiple images selected in editor by mouse dragging;

  • Fixed: It was is possible to edit the textbox or replace the image of the locked layer;

  • Fixed: Embedded Vimeo videos were resizing improperly;

  • Fixed: The selected image could not be deselected when the Shift key was pressed;

  • Fixed: The text was cut in Rating plugin properties in Portuguese version;

  • Fixed: Issue with the publication thumbnail sizing in the system templates in Portuguese;

  • Fixed an ability to add keywords consisting of more than 30 symbols;

  • Fixed: The pages was shown up incorrectly on iOS Chrome after rotating to Landscape and back to Portrait mode;

  • Fixed: Sometimes there was not possible to to deactivate the hotspot highlight on HTML5 Viewer;