Releases involving Joomag

Joomag August 3rd, 2017

Update: 4.4.16 - Quick Fix


  • Fixed: sometimes JPEG images were being converted with negative colors in Joomag after uploading them to the account.

Joomag July 27th, 2017

Update: 4.4.15 - Squashing Bugs with Style

They’re annoying and they need to die. We’re talking bugs. You’ll find them on any digital platform these days, annoying customers with their online shenanigans. So each one squashed is a victory in itself. Here are a few we’ve killed recently to provide you with a better publishing experience.


  • Fixed issue where magazine titles were not displayed in URLs.

  • Fixed issue where subscription popups for paid magazines were opening in new windows.

Joomag July 20th, 2017

Update: 4.4.14 - Extended Grace Periods Plus Security for PDF Download Links

Missed the deadline for your Joomag plan payment? Don’t worry, because we’ve extended the grace period to 20 days! We know special circumstances pop up every now and then, and that’s why we’re giving our loyal customers more time to pay and continue enjoying our services.

New Features

  • Grace period for premium services (plans, domains, storage, subscriptions, etc.) has been changed to 20 days instead of 7.


  • Updated PDF converter to version (contains fixes for exporting SVG files to double-spread magazines).

  • Security for PDF download links (direct URLs have been replaced with secure link modules which check the authenticity of requested links and prevent unauthorized access).


  • Fixed issue where it was impossible to enable flash in the viewer customization preview.

  • Fixed issue with the platform not accepting publication passwords.

  • Fixed issue with "Unexpected error occurred" page appearing when trying to change an account's email.

  • Fixed issue with page thumbnails overlapping in the HTML5 “Page Overview” section.

  • Fixed issue with block thumbnails stretching with heights exceeding 1000(pt).

  • Fixed issue with magazine language disappearing from the “Details” tab if Portuguese (Brazil) is selected.

  • Fixed issue with incorrect refund type.

Joomag July 13th, 2017

Update: 4.4.13 - 5 Quick Fixes You Should Know About

Every fix, big and small, matters. Check out the 5 most recent ones for our platform below.


  • Fixed error with viewer logo URL redirection on old plans.

  • Fixed issue with wrong delete button text appearing when trying to remove a contact without a subscription.

  • Fixed students with EDU accounts are now able to remove magazine sets and issues they are collaborating on.

  • Fixed issue with wrong texts on the “Hard Copy Pricing” page.

  • Fixed EDU account owners and students can now see the “Upgrade” button in the Crater™ Editor.

Joomag July 6th, 2017

Update: 4.4.12 - Customizable Video Thumbnails

The perfect thumbnail can make or break your video’s viewability. It’s the first thing people see when interacting with a video, and if yours isn’t eye-catching, then people won’t click on it. Thumbnails provide quick snapshots (or previews) of content, and the best publishers choose them wisely. Now you can, too.

Joomag now allows publishers to customize the preview thumbnails of their videos. See how it’s done in the video below.


New Features

  • A pop-up message now appears to help users enable the Flash Player in web browsers.

  • Custom thumbnails for uploaded videos in the Crater™ Editor. Supported by Flash Viewer and HTML5 Viewer only.


  • Content Marketing page is now responsive.


  • Fixed issue where the Flash Player would freeze after the user presses on the “Share” button in the viewer for a custom domain linked magazine.

  • Fixed issue with grammar errors in CRM email templates.

  • Fixed issue where reader accounts didn't switch to publisher types when creating a publication from the “Getting Started” wizard interface.

Joomag June 29th, 2017

Update: 4.4.11 - New Advanced Search Filter in Awesome CRM

Publishers looking for specific contacts in the Awesome CRM can now do so easily with our new advanced search filter -- “Subscription Cycle.” It filters contacts based on their selected subscription cycles including year, month, and day. With it, publishers can smartly identify and plan individual campaigns for each package type.


There’s one more thing. Any PDF version of a magazine can now be downloaded on a custom domain URL!


  • New filter type under Advanced search filters in Awesome CRM is now available.

  • You can now have custom domain URL for magazine PDF downloading.


  • Fixed issue with bought and watermarked Getty Images.

  • Fixed issue with the theme preview in Magazine Settings.

  • Fixed issue where spell check didn't work with several languages.

Joomag June 22nd, 2017

Update: 4.4.10 - Handy Platform Tweaks and Fixes Come to Joomag

When it comes to digital publishing, the little things really do matter. And with our latest platform update, your publishing experience just got a little easier in big ways.

Our spell check feature (introduced with our previous update) can now be turned off or on whenever you’re editing a publication. It’s useful if all those squiggly lines are too distracting or if you’re working with a publication that contains industry-specific words/phrases that are marked as misspelled but technically aren’t.


We’ve squashed some annoying bugs, too. Check them out below.


  • It’s now possible to turn off/on spell check during a session unless the page is refreshed.


  • Fixed issue where the number of views was growing if the publisher loaded his own magazine.

  • Fixed issue where it was impossible to link a Diners Club International credit card to an account.

  • Fixed issue where the spell check language didn't change after changing the magazine’s language.

  • Fixed issue where changes in custom mobile versions were not being saved.

  • Fixed issue where the progress bar on a video was not showing when a video was placed in a media pop-up.

  • Fixed issue where progress bar didn't appear on Vimeo videos.

  • Fixed issue where readers who purchased a publication on a mobile device were redirected to the checkout page.

Joomag June 15th, 2017

Update: 4.4.9 - New Advanced Filters for Getty Images, Spell Check and More

You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect stock photos for your publication with our new and advanced filters for Getty Images. Some of the new filter categories include image orientation and styles.


Publishers working with text will benefit from another great feature we’ve added- Spell Check! It will prevent any possible typos when inputting text and will even suggest auto-corrections for grammatical errors.

Viewing adult content on the Joomag Newsstand will require additional confirmation of the user’s age. In order to view publications with restricted content, you will need to confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.


New Features

  • New advanced filters for Getty Images.

  • Spell check in the Crater™ Editor.

  • Additional age confirmation for viewing adult content on the Joomag Newsstand.


  • We’ve added scroll functionality in all dropdown menus in the Crater™ Editor, making it easier to navigate through all available options.

  • Viewer language will now be defined based on the user's browser configurations and website preferences.


  • Fixed issue where only the top part of an issue cover was displayed in a Twitter thumbnail.

  • Fixed problem where URLs of magazines with linked domains did not include correct UID of back issues.

  • Fixed issue where the delete button and keyboard hotkeys stopped working after opening and closing the Library in the Crater™ Editor.

Joomag May 25th, 2017

Update: 4.4.6 - New General Privacy Settings

We know it’s very important for our users to have all their magazine and sales data up-to-date. That’s why we’ve added a new feature allowing publishers to set specific timezones for their account. All available statistics will then be displayed automatically under the selected timezone.

Another great feature we’ve implemented this month is the “General Privacy” setting. It allows users to set specific privacy options for the entire magazine rather than configuring each issue individually. Once set, the “General Privacy” setting will be applied automatically on all newly created issues.


New Features

  • Account timezones.

  • General privacy settings for publications.


  • Our magazine viewer has moved to a new domain:

  • The Portuguese version of our Knowledgebase will now be available for users.

  • Improvements made with the selection tool in the Crater™ Editor. Selecting shapes or elements is now a lot easier.

  • Users can now disable notifying subscribers via email when publishing a new issue. Subscribers will still receive the newly published issue and can access it from their Library.

  • Updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in the Russian version of our website.

  • Improved functionality of undo/redo for text tool properties. All changes made to text properties can now be easily reverted. Changes made to font style and family will be skipped.


  • Fixed issue where opening a publication using a short link would be displayed as a referral instead of a direct traffic source.

  • Fixed issue where opening a publication from a source that contains "mail" was counted as a mail campaign view.

  • Fixed issue where opening a publication link from the Gmail app would be shown as a referral source in the analytics pie chart.

  • Fixed issue where the keyboard would disappear when trying to enter a coupon code in the checkout page from an Android device.

Joomag April 27th, 2017

Update: 4.4.2 - Say Hello to the German Joomag Blog (and Some Nifty New Upgrades)!

The Joomag brand is growing. We’ve been working around the clock to bring you new and exciting features, and we’re not slowing down.

To create a memorable online brand and offer you, our loyal publisher, a more enjoyable experience, we’ve moved the Joomag Newsstand to a new domain. For you, that means easier access to millions of incredible online publications.

We can’t lie. We’re fascinated by other cultures and languages. That’s why our worldwide outlook on publishing has led to the launch of the German Joomag Blog. Our friends from Europe can now enjoy industry-related articles, advice, and more whenever they want.


  • The Joomag Newsstand has been moved to a separate domain:

  • The Joomag Blog will now be available in German for our german-speaking audience.

  • You can now sample any font on a selected text by hovering through the fonts list in the Crater™ Editor.

  • The “Hand” tool will automatically appear when holding the space key in the Crater™ Editor.


  • Fixed issue where images edited with Aviary Photo Editor were not being saved properly in their folders.

  • Fixed issue where it was impossible to manage more than 30 contacts from a specific list in the Awesome CRM™ after selecting them.

  • Fixed issue where the "Mute" icon was not being displayed properly when streaming a Vimeo video.

  • Fixed problem with pop-up windows and dropdown menus remaining visible in the viewer when closing the Crater™ Editor after saving the changes.