Joomag June 7th, 2018

Update: 4.7.8- New Branded Dashboards

Enterprise users can now brand their dashboards! Align your dashboard with your brand’s image by customizing the left navigation panel with logos and unique colors. We’ve already created a few themes for you to choose from.

Furthermore, account owners can create a separate workspace for their users via a custom URL. Users will have separate login pages to enter their accounts. To activate your user account, go to “Account Settings” and click on “Workspace.”

New Features

  • Branded dashboards.


  • Fixed: HTML popups could not be edited when linked directly to a text.

  • Fixed: selecting all contacts from multiple created lists on the CRM page would take awhile.

  • Fixed: the system would auto-mark 2 columns as email when importing a list to the CRM.

  • Fixed: all contacts from a CRM section were automatically selected when selecting all contacts from a specific CRM page and then changing the “Show Entries” quantity of that page.

  • Fixed: error when removing a publication folder with subscribers and then enabling the "notify subscribers" button.

  • HTML5 fix: gallery alignment issues.

Joomag May 24th, 2018

Update: 4.7.7- Your Latest Fix of Fixes

As our platform grows and onboards more customers, we’re working around the clock to resolve its various issues. You can find the latest fixes below. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future.


  • Fixed: users could not upload their own PDF files for downloading if the magazine was edited and exported.

  • Fixed: signing in/up to a Joomag account and purchasing a single issue/subscription from an iOS/Android native app as a guest account would result in the purchase becoming unavailable under the “My Library” section (web version).

  • Fixed: it was impossible to copy/cut/paste SVG files.

  • Fixed: it was impossible to select a whole contact list to add to the CRM.

  • Fixed: "Edit Page" buttons would appear in the top corners of all spreads when navigating to the latest spread of a publication with 25 or more even number pages.

  • HTML5 fix: the subscribe button would remain even after subscribing successfully.

Joomag May 10th, 2018

Update: 4.7.6- What’s on the (Main) Menu?

Over time, we’ve learned to paint a very clear picture of our fans and what’s important to them. It’s a long process, but one that’s definitely worth it as we tailor our product to our customers that makes their lives a little easier.

So, without further ado, here’s the latest batch of updates to our platform. Notably, the existing menu on our homepage has been revamped so that it’s less cluttered and easier to navigate. We’ve moved things around and added a few design improvements to it as well. Take a look!


  • Improved website main menu.


  • Fixed: the PDF generator would occasionally get stuck.

  • Fixed: previewing would not work for issues in draft mode.

  • Fixed: logs about single issues, subscriptions, and print sales would take a long time to load on the Sales Statistics page.

  • Fixed: files in My Library with "New" flags are not filtered properly when selecting a specific file type from the drop-down menu.

Joomag April 27th, 2018

Update: 4.7.5- More Platform Fixes Headed Your Way

Juggling between user experience and platform improvements: it’s a careful balancing act we here at Joomag have mastered over the years. Go ahead and see what we’ve cooked up for you below.


  • Fixed: hovering the mouse over one custom email template would displace the others.

  • Fixed: uploaded files with “New” flags could not be renamed.

  • Fixed: when uploading a custom version for PDF download, the date was not updating properly.

  • Fixed: users could not copy and paste content from one magazine to another, or from one spread to another under the same account.

  • Fixed: the CRM would get stuck when attempting to delete 300 contacts from a bounced list.

  • HTML5 fix: videos would freeze after exiting full screen mode.

  • HTML5 fix: text would extend beyond the margins of the Shoutbox plugin if the latter’s size is set to default or smaller.

Joomag April 5th, 2018

Update: 4.7.3- Joomag Is Now Available in Chinese!

Creating a global brand isn’t easy. It took years to build ours, and today we’re proud to announce that our services have expanded into China! Chinese users can now enjoy Joomag’s all-in-one platform in their native tongue. Simply select the language option from the top-right corner of our homepage to get started.

New Features

  • Chinese language option available on website.


  • Fixed: users could not restore the original mobile versions of their publications after downgrading plans.

  • Fixed: errors with the "Time" filter and "previous/next" buttons on the Audit Log page.

  • Fixed: it was impossible to revert a custom mobile version of a publication to its original format after an account was downgraded.

  • Fixed: problem with exiting Full Screen mode in Microsoft Edge.

  • Fixed: the total number of filtered entries in the Bounced Mails section of the Awesome CRM™ was incorrect.

  • Fixed: users could not add links to the custom mobile versions of their publications in email templates.

  • Fixed: users could not upload their own PDF versions for downloading.

  • Fixed: it was impossible to cancel stuck contacts during the uploading process.

  • Fixed: exception when importing excel files.

  • Fixed: links placed on a text were not highlighted after saving changes on a page.

  • Fixed: links placed on a text remained active after the text was deleted.

  • Fixed: the system template reset button did not work on Firefox.

  • Fixed: users could not copy/paste elements in the Crater™ Editor on the latest version of Google Chrome.

  • Fixed: images placed in portrait orientation were very large.

  • HTML5 fix: videos were unresponsive on mobile devices.

  • HTML5 fix: plugin pop-ups were not displaying content correctly.

  • HTML5 fix: background sounds would stop when playing an embedded YouTube or Vimeo video.

  • HTML5 fix: names of magazine issues were shown in subscription pop-ups.

  • HTML5 fix: On Mac devices, the left/right navigation arrows would remain visible on a page after zooming in on it. Users were also unable to move the page.

  • HTML5 fix: error when playing Youtube videos on mobile viewer.

  • HTML5 fix: rendering issue after selecting a page from a long-form publication.

Joomag March 22nd, 2018

Update: 4.7.2 - Polishing Up Our HTML5 Viewer

Joomag’s HTML5 Viewer continues to deliver a dynamic viewing experience for avid digital enthusiasts, enabling users to enjoy their favorite publications from their favorite devices with minimal interruptions. And it just keeps getting better. Here are this week’s updates.


  • Fixed: the PDF download option remained available on mobile devices even if it was disabled from magazine settings.

  • Fixed: error after opening the Page Overview tab a second time.

  • Fixed: a new comment in the ShoutBox plugin was not visible to other readers unless they refreshed the page or added a new comment.

  • Fixed: links remained highlighted in the HTML5 Viewer.

  • Fixed: the zoom status bar was not visible in the viewer when zooming in on a double-spread publication with Page per Page mode enabled.

Joomag March 8th, 2018

Update: 4.7.1- Enterprise Plan Web Page Overhaul + New Account Languages and Support Options

Great news: publishers now have an extra resource available to them via the “Help” button located on the right-hand side of the dashboard. Have any questions about our platform? Find your answers, read up on educational articles, get up to speed on the latest product updates, and contact live chat support all from one page.

Moreover, every Joomag account will now have a language linked to it. Currently, Joomag supports 6 languages which can be changed by the account owner or admin at any time: English, Deutsch, Español, Русский, Français, and Português (Br)c. For added customization, all system emails sent to an account’s users or contacts will be sent in the specified language. And publishers have the ability to change the language of automatic emails at will.

And lastly, large businesses interested in Joomag’s Enterprise plan can now find all the information they need on our newly redesigned web page!

New Features

  • Dashboard “Help” option

  • Account language settings

  • Enterprise page redesign


  • Fixed: users were unable to delete all CRM contacts at once if the total number of contacts exceeded 997.

  • Fixed: it was impossible to edit images in the mail template editor.

  • HTML5 fix: users could not change pages by swiping in the Facebook browser on iOS devices.

  • HTML5 fix: embeds were unresponsive to page changes in the internal Instagram browser on iOS devices.

  • HTML5 fix: backgrounds of HTML popups were transparent.

  • HTML5 fix: an error would appear with the getDuration function of the YouTube player API.

  • HTML5 fix: new labels for sent issues would not disappear from the reader's library when enabling the HTML5 viewer for said issues.

Joomag February 22nd, 2018

Update: 4.7.0- 3 New Major Web Page Redesigns

Get an in-depth look at Joomag’s pricing options and memberships, and see how we’re revolutionizing education with our completely redesigned EDU page.

New Features

  • Pricing page redesign

  • Joomag for Education page redesign


  • Fixed: the last pages of publications were generated incorrectly when adding/removing pages and having odd page numbers.

  • Fixed: page thumbnails were not appearing correctly.

  • Fixed: users were unable to select Africa/Asia/Europe in the “Country” field of subscription popups.

Joomag February 15th, 2018

Update: 4.6.13 - Joomag Platform Tweaks

Sometimes, finding and fixing bugs is easy. Sometimes, finding bugs is easy but fixing them is hard. And sometimes, finding bugs is much harder than fixing them.

But one thing’s always certain: we sure love fixing things! Check out the most recent batch of platform improvements we’ve cooked up for you below.


  • Fixed: guides placed on pages of cloned issues were being multiplied after removing/adding pages.

  • Fixed: the sent date of email invites were always uniform after sharing an issue with the "Only people I choose" option.

  • Fixed: it was impossible to import a list of contacts to the CRM on certain versions of macOS.

  • Fixed: spell check was not working for German.

  • Fixed: thumbnails of magazines shared on LinkedIn were cropped and low-res.

  • HTML5 fix: the Shout Box plugin was not scrollable on mobile browsers.

  • HTML5 fix: Vimeo videos hidden from were not appearing in magazines either.

  • HTML5 fix: images with transparent backgrounds from uploaded PDF files were sometimes generated on HTML5 with white backgrounds instead.

  • HTML5 fix: low quality of images added as video thumbnails.

Joomag January 25th, 2018

Update: 4.6.12 - 10 More Bugs Squashed

Looking for your weekly dose of platform improvements? We’ve got it right here, courtesy of our amazing software team.


  • Fixed: pagination in “Licensed” and “Used” folders were not working properly.

  • Fixed: YouTube video links with specific playback start times were not working properly on Joomag.

  • Fixed: the Selection tool becomes unresponsive when using the Hand tool and when saving or canceling changes and then entering the Crater™ Editor again.

  • Fixed: videos set as Public in Vimeo would not display their proper thumbnails, appearing as unavailable instead.

  • Fixed: dragging uploaded files into the library would not work properly.

  • Fixed: the "Notification option for newly published issues" message was not working for all issues within a magazine folder.

  • Fixed: it was impossible to order hard copies in Internet Explorer.

  • HTML5 fix: auto-play option for videos was unresponsive.

  • HTML5 fix: when adding a Gallery tool to a double-spread magazine and then sharing it, the gallery image was also being shown in the current page thumbnail.

  • HTML5 fix: videos were not visible on Share button thumbnails.