Joomag May 25th, 2017

Update: 4.4.6 - New General Privacy Settings

We know it’s very important for our users to have all their magazine and sales data up-to-date. That’s why we’ve added a new feature allowing publishers to set specific timezones for their account. All available statistics will then be displayed automatically under the selected timezone.

Another great feature we’ve implemented this month is the “General Privacy” setting. It allows users to set specific privacy options for the entire magazine rather than configuring each issue individually. Once set, the “General Privacy” setting will be applied automatically on all newly created issues.


New Features

  • Account timezones.

  • General privacy settings for publications.


  • Our magazine viewer has moved to a new domain:

  • The Portuguese version of our Knowledgebase will now be available for users.

  • Improvements made with the selection tool in the Crater™ Editor. Selecting shapes or elements is now a lot easier.

  • Users can now disable notifying subscribers via email when publishing a new issue. Subscribers will still receive the newly published issue and can access it from their Library.

  • Updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in the Russian version of our website.

  • Improved functionality of undo/redo for text tool properties. All changes made to text properties can now be easily reverted. Changes made to font style and family will be skipped.


  • Fixed issue where opening a publication using a short link would be displayed as a referral instead of a direct traffic source.

  • Fixed issue where opening a publication from a source that contains "mail" was counted as a mail campaign view.

  • Fixed issue where opening a publication link from the Gmail app would be shown as a referral source in the analytics pie chart.

  • Fixed issue where the keyboard would disappear when trying to enter a coupon code in the checkout page from an Android device.