Joomag July 6th, 2017

Update: 4.4.12 - Customizable Video Thumbnails

The perfect thumbnail can make or break your video’s viewability. It’s the first thing people see when interacting with a video, and if yours isn’t eye-catching, then people won’t click on it. Thumbnails provide quick snapshots (or previews) of content, and the best publishers choose them wisely. Now you can, too.

Joomag now allows publishers to customize the preview thumbnails of their videos. See how it’s done in the video below.


New Features

  • A pop-up message now appears to help users enable the Flash Player in web browsers.

  • Custom thumbnails for uploaded videos in the Crater™ Editor. Supported by Flash Viewer and HTML5 Viewer only.


  • Content Marketing page is now responsive.


  • Fixed issue where the Flash Player would freeze after the user presses on the “Share” button in the viewer for a custom domain linked magazine.

  • Fixed issue with grammar errors in CRM email templates.

  • Fixed issue where reader accounts didn't switch to publisher types when creating a publication from the “Getting Started” wizard interface.