Joomag June 7th, 2018

Update: 4.7.8- New Branded Dashboards

Enterprise users can now brand their dashboards! Align your dashboard with your brand’s image by customizing the left navigation panel with logos and unique colors. We’ve already created a few themes for you to choose from.

Furthermore, account owners can create a separate workspace for their users via a custom URL. Users will have separate login pages to enter their accounts. To activate your user account, go to “Account Settings” and click on “Workspace.”

New Features

  • Branded dashboards.


  • Fixed: HTML popups could not be edited when linked directly to a text.

  • Fixed: selecting all contacts from multiple created lists on the CRM page would take awhile.

  • Fixed: the system would auto-mark 2 columns as email when importing a list to the CRM.

  • Fixed: all contacts from a CRM section were automatically selected when selecting all contacts from a specific CRM page and then changing the “Show Entries” quantity of that page.

  • Fixed: error when removing a publication folder with subscribers and then enabling the "notify subscribers" button.

  • HTML5 fix: gallery alignment issues.