Joomag July 20th, 2017

Update: 4.4.14 - Extended Grace Periods Plus Security for PDF Download Links

Missed the deadline for your Joomag plan payment? Don’t worry, because we’ve extended the grace period to 20 days! We know special circumstances pop up every now and then, and that’s why we’re giving our loyal customers more time to pay and continue enjoying our services.

New Features

  • Grace period for premium services (plans, domains, storage, subscriptions, etc.) has been changed to 20 days instead of 7.


  • Updated PDF converter to version (contains fixes for exporting SVG files to double-spread magazines).

  • Security for PDF download links (direct URLs have been replaced with secure link modules which check the authenticity of requested links and prevent unauthorized access).


  • Fixed issue where it was impossible to enable flash in the viewer customization preview.

  • Fixed issue with the platform not accepting publication passwords.

  • Fixed issue with "Unexpected error occurred" page appearing when trying to change an account's email.

  • Fixed issue with page thumbnails overlapping in the HTML5 “Page Overview” section.

  • Fixed issue with block thumbnails stretching with heights exceeding 1000(pt).

  • Fixed issue with magazine language disappearing from the “Details” tab if Portuguese (Brazil) is selected.

  • Fixed issue with incorrect refund type.