Joomag February 21st, 2019

Update: 4.7.23- Major Bugfix and New Features for China

We're happy to announce that Joomag has successfully implemented WeChat and Weibo support for our Chinese users!



  • Updated loading animation for for 'long read' publications;

  • Improved Gallery plugin in terms of performance;

  • The date field of the Advanced Search in Awesome CRM was too narrow so we enlarged it to improve UX;


  • Fixed: Wrong behavior of external/internal links on Mobile browsers in portrait orientation in case the magazine was created from double-spread PDF;

  • Fixed: There were some minor cases when it wasn't possible to remove contact from CRM;

  • Fixed: In some cases PDF files was stuck on converting process;

  • Fixed: In some cases "File not found" message was showing up when downloading a PDF;

  • Fixed: The viewer was becoming unresponsive on Safari if an email hotspot was clicked in Flash viewer;

  • Fixed: Account's storage visually was not changing when removing a folder with files from My Library section of Editor;

  • Fixed: Users weren't possible to upload fonts that had names with non-latin characters;

  • Fixed: Contacts without a subscription were not appearing in Awesome CRM's "No Subscription" section;

  • Fixed: Wasn't possible to embed Joomag iframe to Wix Platform;

  • Fixed: After renaming a media file name from My Library and then trying to rename it once again, in the tooltip the file's initial name was shown;

  • Fixed: In Campaign Statistics the Chart context menu was cut from the bottom;

  • Fixed: There was an issue with appearance of the contact in AwesomeCRM when the same contact had been included in too many lists;

  • Fixed: It was not possible to remove the inserted name of "From Name" field in Awesome CRM;

  • Fixed: After removing a visible list, the number of invisible lists was decreasing unless you refresh the CRM;

  • Fixed: Design elements are being moved with a delay in Crater Editor;