Joomag January 18th, 2018

Update: 4.6.11 - Bugs and Joomag: A Love-Hate Relationship

On the one hand, there’s nothing that irks our software development team more than bugs. But on the other, it’s a great learning experience and opportunity for us to make things right for our dear customers.

So, here’s to more bugs in the near future, right?


  • Fixed: issues with uploading MP4 videos.

  • Fixed: issues with copying and pasting content from one page to another.

  • Fixed: uploaded FLV/F4V/MP4 videos would continue to play after flipping the page.

  • Fixed: when sharing a specific page of a domain-linked magazine on Facebook with the “Share button,” the cover page would show and open instead.

  • Fixed: the “Sound” tool and the SoundCloud player on a page could not be copied and pasted.

  • Fixed: changing the scroll bar position in a “Gallery” tool would affect other “Gallery” tool scroll bars as well.