Joomag April 27th, 2018

Update: 4.7.5- More Platform Fixes Headed Your Way

Juggling between user experience and platform improvements: it’s a careful balancing act we here at Joomag have mastered over the years. Go ahead and see what we’ve cooked up for you below.


  • Fixed: hovering the mouse over one custom email template would displace the others.

  • Fixed: uploaded files with “New” flags could not be renamed.

  • Fixed: when uploading a custom version for PDF download, the date was not updating properly.

  • Fixed: users could not copy and paste content from one magazine to another, or from one spread to another under the same account.

  • Fixed: the CRM would get stuck when attempting to delete 300 contacts from a bounced list.

  • HTML5 fix: videos would freeze after exiting full screen mode.

  • HTML5 fix: text would extend beyond the margins of the Shoutbox plugin if the latter’s size is set to default or smaller.