Joomag September 28th, 2017

Update: 4.5.1 - Dynamic Printing Options, Handy Updates, and Bugfixes

Hungry? Great, because we’ve cooked up another appetizing batch of platform features.

Publishers now have access to even more printing options for their publications, in addition to some nifty discounts. The Crater™ Editor just got a whole lot easier to use, too, as image and video thumbnails are now correctly oriented in the user’s Library. Read on to find out why that’s great news for you.

New hard copy printing options and improvements

Joomag will now dynamically fetch all available printing options for your publications from its improved cloud print network. For example:

1. Hardcover books are now an available option.

2. New discounts can be applied to printing. That means lower prices for readers whenever they print a higher number of publications, or longer ones. Note: discounts are provided individually for each printing option type. Accordingly, some options may not have any discounts.

3. New blank and white printing options are now available.

Changed image/video previews to show their orientation

Users are no longer required to manually place images or videos on a page to determine their orientations (portrait, landscape, or square). Thumbnail orientations are now properly displayed in the user’s Library, making it easier to understand which types of multimedia they are.


New Features

  • New hard copy printing options and improvements


  • Change image/video previews to show their orientation


  • Fixed: PDF dimensions were occasionally mismatched.

  • Fixed: in the viewer, internal and external links were unresponsive on magazine page corners.