Joomag February 15th, 2018

Update: 4.6.13 - Joomag Platform Tweaks

Sometimes, finding and fixing bugs is easy. Sometimes, finding bugs is easy but fixing them is hard. And sometimes, finding bugs is much harder than fixing them.

But one thing’s always certain: we sure love fixing things! Check out the most recent batch of platform improvements we’ve cooked up for you below.


  • Fixed: guides placed on pages of cloned issues were being multiplied after removing/adding pages.

  • Fixed: the sent date of email invites were always uniform after sharing an issue with the "Only people I choose" option.

  • Fixed: it was impossible to import a list of contacts to the CRM on certain versions of macOS.

  • Fixed: spell check was not working for German.

  • Fixed: thumbnails of magazines shared on LinkedIn were cropped and low-res.

  • HTML5 fix: the Shout Box plugin was not scrollable on mobile browsers.

  • HTML5 fix: Vimeo videos hidden from were not appearing in magazines either.

  • HTML5 fix: images with transparent backgrounds from uploaded PDF files were sometimes generated on HTML5 with white backgrounds instead.

  • HTML5 fix: low quality of images added as video thumbnails.