Joomag July 26th, 2018

Update: 4.7.11- Bugfix and Some Integration Changes


  • Discontinued integration with GettyImages and iStock;

  • Discontinued posting to Facebook timeline functionality as Facebook API doesn't support it anymore;


  • Fixed: It wasn't possible to move multiple images selected in editor by mouse dragging;

  • Fixed: It was is possible to edit the textbox or replace the image of the locked layer;

  • Fixed: Embedded Vimeo videos were resizing improperly;

  • Fixed: The selected image could not be deselected when the Shift key was pressed;

  • Fixed: The text was cut in Rating plugin properties in Portuguese version;

  • Fixed: Issue with the publication thumbnail sizing in the system templates in Portuguese;

  • Fixed an ability to add keywords consisting of more than 30 symbols;

  • Fixed: The pages was shown up incorrectly on iOS Chrome after rotating to Landscape and back to Portrait mode;

  • Fixed: Sometimes there was not possible to to deactivate the hotspot highlight on HTML5 Viewer;