Joomag December 7th, 2017

Update: 4.6.6 - We’ve Killed More Bugs...

Introducing brand new, all-inclusive Crater™ Editor page. Check out Joomag's comprehensive, easy-to-use editing tool in its full glory!

Want to learn more about the multi-channel distribution that Joomag provides? That's what our newly designed Distribution page is for.

For good reason, of course. More bugfixes mean more ways you can enjoy your publishing experience with Joomag! See what our latest patch has in store for you below.


  • Fixed: it was impossible to set font sizes to less than 1pt.

  • Fixed: Flash viewer would crash whenever the dimensions of the browser window were adjusted.

  • Fixed: page layout was not located in the center of the Crater™ Editor's drawboard.

  • Fixed: free subscribers’ accounts would appear in the "Purchased Issues" section of the CRM.

  • HTML5 fix: shortened publication links with customized domains were being shared from the mobile viewer.