Joomag January 25th, 2018

Update: 4.6.12 - 10 More Bugs Squashed

Looking for your weekly dose of platform improvements? We’ve got it right here, courtesy of our amazing software team.


  • Fixed: pagination in “Licensed” and “Used” folders were not working properly.

  • Fixed: YouTube video links with specific playback start times were not working properly on Joomag.

  • Fixed: the Selection tool becomes unresponsive when using the Hand tool and when saving or canceling changes and then entering the Crater™ Editor again.

  • Fixed: videos set as Public in Vimeo would not display their proper thumbnails, appearing as unavailable instead.

  • Fixed: dragging uploaded files into the library would not work properly.

  • Fixed: the "Notification option for newly published issues" message was not working for all issues within a magazine folder.

  • Fixed: it was impossible to order hard copies in Internet Explorer.

  • HTML5 fix: auto-play option for videos was unresponsive.

  • HTML5 fix: when adding a Gallery tool to a double-spread magazine and then sharing it, the gallery image was also being shown in the current page thumbnail.

  • HTML5 fix: videos were not visible on Share button thumbnails.