Joomag June 21st, 2018

Update: 4.7.9- Major Bugfix Session


  • Improved Branded Dashboard performance;

  • Optimized/Improved image cropping functionality in Branded Dashboard;


  • HTML5 Viewer fix: There was an issue with tile images during resizing;

  • Fixed: On Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer it was not possible to schedule a publish date;

  • Fixed: Short link to Joomag app in Google Play while distributing publication to Newsstand wasn't working;

  • Fixed: The disabled flipping sound setting was not being applied on a new issue;

  • Fixed: Removed "Access if already purchased" button from paid subscriptions popup on Flash viewer for logged in user;

  • Fixed: The guides were getting cut when you were trying to move them while having them on a locked layer;

  • Fixed: There was an issue with all contacts wrong automatically selecting in CRM;

  • Fixed: The YouTube videos were being cropped with the selection tool;

  • Fixed: Some strings were remaining in English in the system templates;

  • Fixed: If the description of the uploaded font (custom) was too long it was being wrapped incorrectly;

  • Fixed: The Element properties were unavailable for the first plugin in the publication;

  • Fixed: The language drop-down menu was not accurate on Joomag Newsstand;