Joomag August 31st, 2017

Update: 4.4.20 - New Privacy Settings for Embedding

Enjoy more control over your embeds with Joomag’s 3 new privacy options. Enable your content to be placed on any website, no websites, or specific sites only. You created your fantastic publications, so you get to choose which domains can host them.

New Features

  • Privacy settings for embedding.


  • Fixed: wrong discount percentage was shown for Starter annual price on pricing page.

  • Fixed: thumbnails of first pages on the "Page Overview" screen were cropped.

  • Fixed: last thumbnails of issues with 1000 pages were not fully displayed.

  • Fixed: changes made in Crater™ Editor for custom mobile versions of magazines were not shown in the flash viewer.

  • Fixed: selected items remained active when cancelling editing and flipping the page.

  • Fixed: Depositphotos images were duplicated in the Library.