Joomag September 14th, 2017

Update: 4.5.0 - New Images, Scheduling Software and more updates come to Joomag

New iStock images in Crater™ Editor's library

Is more always better? With Joomag, the answer is “yes!” Brand-new images have been added to the Crater™ Editor’s already extensive library, courtesy of iStock. We believe in the power of options, so we’re giving you even more of them. Choose from millions of high-quality iStock images to include in your publications. We worked hard to bring these photos to our platform at incredibly affordable prices (only $2.99), and can’t wait to see how you use them.

Scheduled publishing

You’re committed to publishing your content on a consistent basis, but doing so can be a total nightmare without the right tools. Don’t let it. With Joomag’s brand new scheduling feature, you can set specific times and days to publish your content on. Use it alongside your content calendar to crush your goals in no time.

Improved selection tool

Working with images just got a whole lot easier. With Joomag’s new selection tool, it’s now possible to:

1) resize images without stretching or compressing them.

2) crop images right away. The crop icon will appear whenever an image is selected.

Extra email personalization

Users can now set custom "from" fields for campaign and system template emails. Emails will then be sent from that specific domain instead of Joomag, adding an extra layer of personalization to email campaigns. This nifty little feature is only available for Enterprise members.

New Features

  • New iStock images in Crater™ Editor's library.

  • Users can now manage publish dates of their publications.

  • Improved Selection tool in Crater™ Editor.

  • Users can now set custom "from" fields for campaign and system template emails.


  • Connecting a custom domain and creating a new template will result in all magazine links being generated under the custom domain.


  • Fixed: clicking on the Help button in the “My Fonts” tab would lead to the Kayako help desk page.

  • Fixed: if the "Keep back issues panel closed" option was unchecked from the viewer settings, the “Other Issues” panel would remain open, even if there were no other issues in the magazine set.

  • Fixed: the "First/Last" page arrows on the keyboard did not work if the viewer mode of the issue was set to "Page per Page."